Transformation - 08.22.2019

Disrupted to the Disruptor

My pivot from media to marijuana

Tony Hunter Author: Tony Hunter

I’ve been a bit busy lately… the good kind of busy. And wondering how to follow-up on my last series.

Should I talk about pivoting; breakthrough moments; reinventing; staying current and relevant?

My decision… YES!

My pivot to the health and wellness sector might come as a surprise to some, but to me this has been another breakthrough moment and opportunity to reinvent.

From the outside, it may look like I have not done much pivoting in my career. That is far from the truth.  I’ve held many positions for which I entered with little experience or expertise, with the goal of leveraging my leadership capabilities and reinventing myself to drive change. I have always had a willingness to put myself in uncomfortable positions and take on new challenges, especially if it meant creating the future and adding to my toolbox. 

So I guess I should address the question many are asking: Why cannabis?

As the newly appointed Chairman for Revolution Enterprises, I have accomplished a professional goal fueled by a personal passion. This new opportunity encapsulates every part of my last series. I joined a company with a strong mission, incredible values and great people. Foundation matters.

The Revolution opportunity was, by definition, a breakthrough moment. I wasn’t sure what I was preparing for when I began to learn more about alternative medicine and the medicinal value of cannabis. Little did I know that my experiences with family and friends would lead me to Revolution. And of course, I couldn’t predict the future so there was no way I knew what circumstances and opportunities would present themselves. Hence, reinforcing the value of always learning and growing… and putting your vulnerable self in play.

My pivot also amplifies that you’re never really finished… because when one chapter ends, another chapter begins. I knew there was a breakthrough moment around the corner because I was prepared; the right opportunity and circumstance just needed to present itself. And when it did, I knew it would have to be special to get my full attention. After all, the title “Grandpa” was more than enough.

This opportunity has, once again, fed my appetite to adapt, evolve and reinvent myself. I’m learning from my new colleagues everyday… regulations, investor relations, capital markets, cultivation science, processing technologies, product offerings, social causes, the industry at large. 

You may have seen some of the attention grabbing headlines about my pivot, like “from media to marijuana,” or “publishing to pot.” I prefer to say “from disrupted to disruptor.” After years of keeping up with digital disruption, it’s nice to finally be on the flip side, and part of a “new” solution.

Who knew how all my Tribune experience would come in handy down the line. Now, as I join a growth industry, I see that experience through the lens of a company poised for rapid expansion, a company improving the lives of patients, and a company with great people. I’m proud to be on the Revolution team. 

In today’s ever changing marketplace, the ability to pivot, and reinvent, will become critical to long term success. And for those deciding to make a pivot, it proves a “School of Hard Knocks degree” is still very useful, and transferable. So while you’re preparing for the next breakthrough moment in your life and career… stay tuned to see how this chapter plays out.