Culture - 11.21.2018

The Titles That Have Real Meaning

Tony Hunter Author: Tony Hunter

My prior posts have addressed achieving harmony between work and life, and the importance of being mindful of the decisions we make along the way. Today, I believe it is fitting to put these concepts through the lens of real life.

“Real life” encompasses all the things outside of work. In many cases, it’s the outcome of your hard work. Except this work is focused on your relationships, and primary responsibility to take care of your family.

Being a successful executive sometimes causes us to swing the pendulum towards our careers and professional titles. In doing so, we are constantly feeling pressure with respect to our personal “titles.”

And that’s because we cherish our personal titles: son, husband, father, and now for me, grandpa. These are the titles that have real meaning. There is no compensation or recognition, but nothing could be more rewarding.

My family was blessed recently with our second grandchild, Garrett Anthony. He follows our first grandchild, Brixton, by almost two years. As my wife and kids can attest, I believe the title of “Grandpa” might be the best from a risk/reward standpoint. And one, dare I say, for which I am highly qualified.

Unconditional love, always being greeted with a smile from grandkids, spoiling them and returning them to their parents for the less-fun jobs. That’s nirvana for sure.

It important to be reminded of what’s really important in life: our connections with other people. That’s what makes us tick.

As I prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I am proud of the decisions I’ve made in swinging my pendulum. Because the connections between people – family, friends, and colleagues – are very important to me.

And I have Brixton and Garrett as wonderful, daily reminders of the important title of Grandpa. A title I will treasure forever.